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with an update as police try to regain some sort of order on the streets of downtown oakland. >>> police using teargas to get demonstrators off the streets. you can see it here. quite a dramatic scene. people running, trying to get away. but what officers thought might stop the occupy movement tonight so far has not worked. protestors continue to march on the city of oakland. they say they have no plans to stop. reggie, police released an explanation for their actions tonight. >> reporter: they did. before i get to that, protestors are not ready to give up yet, despite the fact that police just released more teargas about 20 minutes ago. go ahead and take a look at the crowd. there are still several protestors out here. go ahead and attack a look at this arrest video. there have been 102 arrest, 97 this morning, and five this evening. that number is expected to go up. there are 16 different law enforcement agencies out here helping opd. interim police chief howard jordan says they had to use teargas in order to protect the police officers out here. >> in a togz where we had to deploy gas in or
but this system will affect us. as the most to the east, north wins for tuesday morning. the winds could get pretty testy. for tomorrow, fog in the morning, another day with the milder-1 temperatures. a sea breeze late in the day. on tuesday, dry and dusty winds the only loss this weekend was to the cowboys. >>vicki: will show you what to expect on wall street and a must see movie at the box office. for free >>vicki: police in south san francisco are searching for two men accused in a violent weekend robbery. and happened near this intersection and herman street. i alajandra cerball was there and it tells us what police know. >>alejandra: 821 year-old was punched in the face and kicked in the head before suspect's to golf with his wallet. he was driving to work in this neighborhood when two-man fight him down. when he rolled down the window, he was punched in the face. when he got out of his car, he was a salted. police are looking for to hispanic males wearing blue jeans and black hooded sweat shirts. one man was described as a 5 ft. 9 in., two of the grounds with a mustache. >>brian: tempe
but they are still searching for a second suspect. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us that the staff is rallying the community to stop the gun violence. >> reporter: the family chose not to speak on camera due to safety concerns because the second suspect lives in the area. the girl's family desperately leads help. >> reporter: she was full of life before she was shot in the knee. the girl now has to wear a full leg cast. you can see where doctors removed the bullet. she was with her sister and father when the shooting happensened. -- shooting happened. they say the 5-year-old was going to star their art program, the same week she was shot. >> she was on her way to the neighborhood store to get an ice cream when some young men were having a water balloon fight and this is the way they decided to respond to being hit by a water balloon. >> this has impacted us in a big way. in that a lot of children who used to attend our programs don't feel safe coming here. >> the family has been struggling to pay their bills ever since she was hit. >> they don't own a car. they had to rent a car when the daugh
on one of oakland's most highly contested proposals. now she is saying she supports using a teen curfew to reduce violence. she opposed that curfew earlier this month and heads with anthony bets on this issue. a spokesperson says her actions were really only designed to allow more time for analysis. >>> still to come, own a harley or know someone who does? we'll let you know which models are being recalled tonight. also new at 11:00, as the debt debate continues in washington, we're taking a closer look at whether the nation is still in danger of another downgrade. >> would you quit your job if they told you don't drink during working hours? we will explore later. that in a few minutes. >>> in a tough third quarter, netflicks suffered the biggest customer losses in its history. ending september with 23.8 million subscribers. that number is down about 800,000 from june. the company recently triggered a backlash by increasing prices as much as 60%. despite all of this, the company's third quarter earnings did rise 65%. >> harley announced a massive recall. 300,000 motorcycles may have a
and we are taking you into the pacific ocean, focusing on a growing problem that affects us all, the great pacific garbage patch. >>> live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. >>> developing at this hour we are learning a small group of occupy protesters tweeted they are planning to march together night. tonight, the crowd remains at frank ogawa plaza and the protesters are talking about their next move. kron 4's da lin is live with our update. >> reporter: after tuesday's crack down looks like the city will leave the protesters alone and let them stay here at frank ogawa plaza, you can see that there are several hundred people here, camping out or coming out to support the protesters and the city has not indicated they will leave them alone or remove them in the near future. >> reporter: after protesters screamed at her thursday night, jean quan still wants to talk to them. >> we stand ready to talk to them. >> reporter: the mayor didn't think it would lead to such a violent clash. >> i apologize because people were hurt. when we planned the action, which went more smoothly, we were
a beautiful picture. today's rain was just the beginning. more is on the way for all of us. starting out in the forecast center. there is even rain right now? >> yeah. just what we expected. scattered showers through the south bay but the big storm is yet to come. >> tomorrow? >> late tomorrow into wednesday. tomorrow will be dry. first, let's check out the south bay right now. dry. we will zoom in closer to san jose, still seeing light showers at this hour. rainfall under a 10th of an inch of rain. same thing at san jose, under a ten of an inch. here is how it's tracking. you will see the scattered showers coming up through the south bay. still have moderate rainfall off shore. you could see them right just to the southwest of san jose, pushing up along the coast. monterey showers to the south. south bay a few more into the overnight hours. here is what you can expect for tomorrow. next couple of days. scattered showers tonight into tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds. dry, cool. winds picking up into the afternoon as well as we brace for the next big storm early wednesday. seeing heavy rai
conditions, they've also seen violence and drug use involving protesters. >> in addition to increasing problems with public urination and defecation. >> the city is looking for excuses to kick us out of here. >> reporter: the deadline has come and gone, city officials have not said what they plan to do with the protesters so far, i can tell you from experience, if the police are involved in this removing of these protesters, and this encampment, typically it happens around midnight when the media and cameras are gone. again, no conformation as to what they plan to do with the protesters for now. live here in oakland, kron 4 news. >> seven people were cited for camping in frontal of city hall there and one man was arrested for scratching a police car. tonight we talk to two men who were taken in by police. >> they took us and went. we were gone. no questions, no nothing, no read rights or nothing. >> from what i've known, there's been a huge shift in the policies where the politicians don't represent us anymore. after being arrested. >> the last man set up his tent right back again. thi
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>>> "occupy oakland," city officials updating us on the situation tonight, we are live with new information. >>> cold conditions on tap for tonight. where it will get to near freezing overnight. coming up. >>> and cuts looming, frustration growing. burning the midnight oil deciding the fate of several elementary schools. >>> live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. >>> developing news in san francisco, more people are starting to gather in support of the protesters. today the mayor said he wants camping laws enforced because the plaza is become unsafe. protesters say it has issues before they got there. there has been no official word on when police may move in. live now to kron 4's reggie kumar who is covering "occupy oakland." you are hearing protesters there could be on their way to san francisco? >> reporter: that's right. they were trying to get on the bart station here at frank ogawa plaza but they were unable to because officials closed the bart station. now they are heading down broadway. there is a very light police present following the protesters as they mort down broadway
and smaller aftershocks which the u.s. geological survey says is common. we will, let's look at the clusters of three earthquakes that we experienced in the same area today. let's look at the first two. the first one was 2:41 this afternoon, 4.0, east of berkeley, 2 and a half miles. the second one no one really felt, 2.2 aftershock. same locations, and then this one, this one really shook, 3.8, 8:16 this evening. it was originally a 4.2 and down graded. the u.s. geological survey said it was a aftershock. the 3.8 in oft felt but not causing damage. and the first one was noticeable shaking. this is a look that ernesto manuel gonzalez shakes man. you can see that green there, mainly in the east bay, where the star is, that's where the earthquake was centered. they felt it in san francisco, in the can you say, in san jose, north bay, felt everywhere throughout the bay area tonight. >> thank you. we will get the latest on the weather later. >>> kron 4's charles clifford is standing by outside the ernesto manuel gonzalez, he has been talking with the experts all night. >> reporter: i have been h
put in our fish and strategic location were reaping the most lively crimes are taking plate give us the opportunity to do that. >>reporter: the plan also includes city workers. >> people should not be night you did think they will have four, or five cops walking around in one area we will have other resources that you and i see on the front covers. >> the da reassigned senior staff to work the record with the oakland police department. >> this special team to cases and get them and worked them quickly and rapidly. >>reporter: after the presentation hundredth in the booths and workshops on community policing to help them to get involved. >> after the summit to a local resident told us with the end of the new plan. >> if this going to work we parents to the community involved not just the people in the higher according.-- authority. and >> i hope that people like me come down on the city and the mayor and make them adopt these new programs that they want to bring forth. >> i think is the continuation of our what ali has pretested and this is a very poor attempt to make a pictur
tonight. kron 4's dan kerman is here to tell us more. >> reporter: it happened in southern california. this is in the orange county community of seal beach. 30 miles south of los angeles. blocks from the beach. >> reporter: it is here at the salon merigate in seal beach where a gunman opened fire wednesday afternoon, killing eight and wounding another. >> our victims are throughout the entire salon. the salon was packed that time of the shooting. >> there are survivors from inside that escaped without harm. >> reporter: this man was arrested by officer as half mile from the salon. he has not been identified but friends of the owner says he is the ex-husband of a stylist and the two gone through a bitter divorce. crime scene technicians collected evidence, as investigators tried to piece together what went on. >> reporter: police have yet to confirm the motive or the identity of the suspect. there may have been multiple weapons involved. one man and five women died at the salon and two died at the hospital and one woman remains in critical condition. >>> another big story tonight. "occ
. this was the scene in san jose asked police served a warrant in stockton. police used tear gas on the home but ruiz was nowhere to be found. >>officer: we use that tool to avoid a confrontation. we introduced teargas will think he would come out peacefully, but he was not in the hall. >>vicki: police are still trying to piece together a deadly crash being called a homicide. they say that a transit driver ran a number of a hell's angel in killing the motorcyclist on an east bay freeway. maureen kelly has more. >>maureen: the person who shot this video says you're looking at members of the hell's angels off who had been riding with the victim. police say that it started here around 4:00 p.m. on saturday from five east seldom--on eastbound 580. that is what police say the transit driver of intentionally grams the motorcyclists striking him and his motorcycle. >>officer: the motorcycle get the motorcyclists were fledged of it meets the demand. we do not know the exact distance that they were tracked. >>maureen: the victim later died at a local hospital. the van driver is eddie hall from oakland. he tri
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who waited for months months to use those spaces. >>> in oakland protesters set up a tent city with the help of donations they have food and bath rooms. today the three university of california at berkeley graduates who were imprisoned in iran offered their support. >> just starting right when we got occupy, started in new york city, and we are hearing about it. wasn't till getting back here to this city that this is serious. this is big. and i feel proud of it. >> we will keep an eye on the protests. join us at 4:00 a.m. any updates on the protests we will bring you those. >>> police warned people in the area to watch out for gold chain snatchers. that is being extended to pawnshop. an employee at easy money pawn & jewelry says a man walked in, checked out a chain, snatch it and ran. kron 4's reggie kumar shows us how it happened. >>> the theft at easy money pawn & jewelry was caught by this surveillance video. employees say he came into the store and went up to the clerk and asked about the chain. >> first they grabbed it. he was standing right here. showed it to me. i took
would then shoot down u.s. pilots. his new york lawyer in pretrial proceedings said "i'm very confident will make it transparent that victor boot did not intend to sell arms to anyone." he was the inspiration for the hollywood movie , lord of war. >> you make calls, pound the pavement. i supplied every army by the salvation army. >> reporter: the federal government has expressed concern over his note righty. a former soviet union air force officer, boot insisted during a cnn interview in moscow a decade ago that he was not hiding from anyone. >> i'm not afraid. i am -- it looks to me like a witch hunt. restroom boot took advantage of loose international arms trafficking laws. >> he really is the poster boy, the federal express, if you will, of arms trafficking. >> reporter: boot's lawyer in pretrial discussion said no book or article has any evidence of him selling or transporting afrms. however, the man who -- arms. however, the man who wrote the book called merchant of death says no verdict can change boot's impact on conflicts around the world. >> i think he unquestionably made some
their vote by mail ballots. she does not feel the funds will be used appropriately. >> do not vote for this tax. [ indiscernible ] i can't tell you how many times -- [ indiscernible ] >> oakland residents have until november # to decide whether to approve measure i. >>> the stiff san jose is looking to put a end to a in crime rates. homicides are way up. let's look at the kron 4 tracker. four in the last week alone, and so far this year, 37 homicides in the city. there were only 20 in all of last year. the majority of the murders have been in the northeast section of one to and these red do -- dots give you an indication of where they are. >> we're at 1100, this is as low as i would want to see it go. we should have close to 20 2-2 thousand, that's not in the cards. >> back in the year 2002, san jose was ranked the safest city in the nation. in 2009, it ranked fourth, officer garcia says there are no plans to hire more police officers at this time. >>> yes, it is back, the cooler blanket of fall. jacqueline is here to tell us what to expect. >> it was a little more than a peg or t
: it's going to be an amazing couple of days for us in the bay area. and it's coming down pretty hard right now. reggie is standing by in the north bay where we can see it is already pouring. >> reporter: , yes, it's coming down. there are strong gusts come here. all eyes are on this creek because it's known for over flowing its banks. it's not going to happen because this is the first storm of the season and the creek is only at 2 feet. it can holdup to 13 feet of water. however, the rain did catch some off guard. >> reporter: rain started falling in marin county early tuesday evening, and some were not prepared for it. these ladies did not have an umbrella. this jogger was also caught off guard, but she was wearing a ball cap. the rain filled up this canopy causing water to spill out audiotape the sidewalk -- onto the sidewalk. crews sut away huge branches. high winds can cause these trees to topple over into power line lines. >> glen: we always look at prepositioning crews in these areas and look at the times according to our meteorology department when these crews are going to nee
, and don't forget, share your photographs, videos and your opinions with us on our facebook fan page and on the twitter feed. >>> another cold morning will greet the bay area on friday. i am here to-find out why? >> we had calm winds and cooler air over us. so that leads to cooler conditions. clear skies. >> all day tomorrow? >> just for the morning. nice recovery into the afternoon. right now temperatures in the 60s in parts of the bay area because we are seeing a return on the winds. 61 in oakland right now. 49 santa rosa. 46 novato. comand chilly conditions expected with 30s and 40 said tomorrow morning. but warming up into the afternoon. warmer tomorrow at 4:00. >>> many families in oakland are furious tonight. the school district voted last night to close 5 elementary schools, now the focus shifted to making it to a smooth transition. these are the schools that will close, lakeview, lazear, marshall, maxwell park and santa fe elementary schools. kron 4's alejandra cerball explains what is next for the district. >> reporter: officials say they will not be talkin
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davis passed away at his home in oakland today. if vern glenn gives us a look at the imprint that fernanburner had on--vern glenn gives this a look at the imprint that davis had on their raiders and football. >>vern: in 1963, he took over a franchise that would win only nine games in three seasons. he was afl coach of the year. after serving as commissioner in 1966, he returned to oakland ended their raiders became the most successful team in all professional sports from 1967-1985. >> touchdown raiders. >> this was the finest hour in the history of their raiders. >>vern: they ended up winning three super bowls. his stable world was dominate. the team to ride on a fear and intimidation. in 1982, he molded the team from oakland to los angeles. the football league attempted to block the move. >>vern: in 1992, he was inducted into the football hall of fame. >> at this is testimony to the people that support their enthusiasm and talents into their raiders dynasty. burner >> in 1995 he move to the team back to oakland after 13 years in los angeles. fortunes on the deal were not kin
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. jacqueline is here to tell us about it. cooler temperatures and rain. >> yes, it was cooler today. couple days ago it was so hot. temperatures widespread in the 90s. today 70s. 20-degree slide in two days. for the weekend, cloudy conditions. storm passes to the north and more rain as we head into next week. high temperatures today in the 70s. 76 antioch. 78 livermore. 78 in mountain view. 76 san jose. weather headlines for tonight, foggy conditions to start the day tomorrow and 20% chance of north bay showers tomorrow afternoon. could clip the north bay but rain will be light tomorrow. sunday, decreasing clouds, mild conditions. next week, starting monday, off and on rain. a series of systems impacts the bay area. >>> new tonight at 11:00. a man behind bars charged in a homicide. this is the suspect. mark michael. he shot and killed a man last week. he died of multiple gun shot wounds. >>> a community in mourning tonight following a hit and run that killed a man. family and friends along with law enforcement returned to the scene. the gathering a long with a $10,000 reward are part of an
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is ahead. >> today was gorgeous but tonight we will see the cloud cover build. it will stick with us throughout tomorrow. fog tracker up for 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see the fog all around the bay area. closer to 2:00 p.m. you can see that it rescinds closer to the coast line. we will see clearing for our inland locations. as we look at where temperatures are going to go. tomorrow afternoon we are not going to see 90s. looks like we will stay in the low 80s in the south bay. 69 half moon bay. 75 oakland. 80 antioch. north bay, we will see 70s there. 72 san francisco. i will have a look at the forecast and wet weather coming up. >>> new details tonight in southern california. prosecutors will seek the death penality against the man went on a shooting spree. this man, scott dekraai killed eight people, including his ex- wife. one of the victims remains in the hospital tonight. on wednesday scott dekraai put on a bullet proof vest, walked into the salon and started shooting. >> i charged scott dekraai with eight felony cowboy of special circumstance first-degree murder. the s
kumar tells us what business owners say the woman was doing. >> police say the woman was shot by the suspect in the parking lot of this store thursday afternoon. a note on the door says the business is closed and will reopen friday morning. she says she is shocked about what happened. >> when i got to 35 i saw the police lights at our corner. i made sure our staff was okay and the bank folks was okay. one of the tellers say she heard what happened. there was a woman who was mugged and fought back and shot. i don't often all the details. frightening. you know, we hired a security team and they kept a damper on a lot of stuff. we have police presence but things are happening. >> reporter: after robbing the woman the suspect crashed this car on 35th avenue. inside the car we saw a purse. police haven't said if it belongs to the victim. investigators say the victim has life threateningiaries and they are asking for the public's help to find the suspect. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >>> the man suspected of killing three and wounding 7 yesterday is dead. we have surveillance video, h
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: another warm day with temperatures into the '70s and '80s. >>vicki: that is it for us. goodnight everyone, see you in the morning. no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at this is what we can gather from an ordinary crash test dummy. two million data points. this is what we can gather from a lexus crash test genius. [ engine revving ] when you pursue industry-leading safety, you don't just engineer breakthroughs in simulation technology, you engineer amazing. ♪
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